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  • With a smile and great gratitude, I share my impressions of the two-year study at this school. Nikita came to Sergei at the age of 7, having no idea about notes or music. At the moment, he not only plays the Let it be guitar, but will also gladly transfer this work to the piano. Special thanks to our teacher Sergey, for the ability to find an approach to his little students, to captivate the child, to present information so that she is not only remembered, but also loved 🙏 Thank you very much 🔝
  • It was very nice to study at this school, I was very impressed by the approach of teacher Serhiy, when even with a broken finger I could study and learn something new. First of all, they teach me not just to play my favorite songs, but to understand music in general - and this greatly influenced my taste, I discovered jazz and more alternative music.
  • I am very grateful to Serenada School for the excellent lessons. Sergey explains the material very clearly and easily. Constantly good attitude and pleasant atmosphere :)