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Courses are Time-Tested
Courses are Time-Tested

We have been teaching guitar for more than 10 years.
In 2011, the Guitar School Serenada was born with love for children and adults. We treat each student with trepidation, conducting classes as interesting and active as possible.

Fingerpicking Patterns

There is an interesting technique on the guitar that offers a pleasant mood, even in the first lesson. This technique is called: arpeggios (fingerpicking patterns).

Guitar lesson online
Guitar Lessons Online

Do you dream of playing guitar?
But certain obstacles always interfere - there is not enough time, a rather busy schedule, other hobbies, or a high-quality school is not very conveniently located.
Maybe now is the time to join us!

Grateful for the trust
Why Serenada Guitar School
Thank You for Your Trust

We present to your attention the main benefits of learning to play the guitar at our school.

We Love What We Do

learning notes on a guitar fretboard

Education programme

  • - variety of guitar courses
  • - learning notes on a guitar fretboard
  • - many practical tasks
Teachers with pedagogical education


  • - with higher education in guitar
  • - with pedagogical education
  • - teaching experience over 8 years
Guitar for beginners

Rapid result

  • - clear terms of study, one course for 3-6 months
  • - author's technique - Guitar for beginners
  • - video recording (performance at concerts)