Offsite guitar lessons - Guitar lessons at Home

 Выездные уроки гитары на дом

The course is designed for:

Frequency of classes Course duration Price
2 times a week (45 minutes) 3 months UAH 6900

Payment options and regularity of classes:

Frequency of classes Number of lessons per month Price
Once a week 4 lessons 1300 UAH
Two times per week 8 lessons 2400 UAH
3 times a week 12 lessons 3500 UAH
* by lesson 1 lesson 350 UAH



Onsite guitar tutor - you can study with a teacher at home! If you live far away from Serenada Guitar School, or your day is scheduled by the hour, and you cannot come to the teacher at the school for guitar lessons. Then this subscription is for you!

Guitar lessons at home. Benefits:

- saving time and effort, no need to waste time on the way to the teacher

- after the end of the lesson with the teacher, you can continue to do your homework

- convenient when your sound equipment and favorite guitars are nearby

A great solution for young children and busy businessmen - offsite guitar lessons! An away guitar tutor is convenient. Guitar lessons at home or in the office are the same guitar lessons that take place in the studio. And you study with a qualified teacher in a progressive curriculum.

The quality of our services is time-tested. For more than seven years we have been teaching everyone to play the guitar at the away guitar lessons. The safety of our guitar tutors on the go and the effectiveness of the training course is evidenced by our author's teaching methods, performances at pupils' concerts. All teachers of the Serenada Guitar School with higher education in guitar, sensitive teachers, intelligent people, adequate and healthy.

Pupils who study guitar lessons at home significantly save time and energy. A guitar teacher will do everything for you - he will come and work with you. And your only task is to do your homework. And you do not waste time on secondary problems, but only do your favorite hobby.

You can also save money by taking a monthly subscription instead of lesson lessons. And if you order a subscription right now, you will receive a guitar tutorial as a gift!

We are confident that traveling guitar lessons will be a great and enjoyable experience for you. You will be able to develop and enjoy it, as well as amaze others with your talent. And this is our mission - to make you happy!