Guitar course for children - Young guitarists

Guitar courses for children in Kiev

The course is designed for:

Frequency of classes Course duration Price
2 times a week (45 minutes) 4 months $393

Payment options and regularity of classes:

Frequency of classes Number of lessons per month Price
Once a week 4 lessons $55
Two times per week 8 lessons $103
3 times a week 12 lessons $153
* by lesson 1 lesson $15



Guitar lessons for children, guitar courses for school and preschool children from 5 years old. The guitar course for children was created as a continuation of the initial guitar course and is distinguished by a more intensive program with an emphasis on practical training and deepening theoretical knowledge.

Guitar lessons for children "Young guitarists!" designed for four months of regular classes on a schedule, two classes per week (the schedule is made individually from 8: 15-20: 35, Mon-Sun)

Children are the flowers of life! They need to be "raised and watered" so that they bring successful fruits to the delight of caring parents. Children in guitar lessons feel pleasure, feel pride in themselves in the eyes of their parents. You can play the guitar in class, sing a guitar serenade to your favorite girl, or perform in front of classmates at school. There are a lot of possibilities in using the guitar. Thanks to the guitar, children gain invaluable recognition in peer circles, becoming more self-confident and successful little people.

Our guitar teachers primarily play the role of educator for the child. After all, each child develops at his own pace, and we try to shape learning based on their individuality. This gives a very important skill and a fundamental understanding of self-development in general. All guitar teachers with higher musical education and experience in teaching guitar. Learning to play the guitar is professional, natural, and purposeful. Below is a video of our students playing the guitar, who took the guitar course for children "Young Guitarists".