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Six strings and nineteen frets. And between them is our whole life.

Classical guitar and electric guitar teacher. Guitar teacher for children and adults.

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Hlushchenko Serhii

Co-owner & Senior Guitar Tutor

I will answer all organizational questions. I'll sign up for class. I will draw up a convenient schedule.

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Hlushchenko Alexandra

Co-owner & Administrator

Classical guitar teacher. Master and virtuoso. Teaches guitar to children and adults.

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Daviskiba Egor

Classical guitar teacher


As a mother, one of the students, I want to first of all thank the teacher and founder of the Serenade school Sergei Glushchenko for the warmth and ability to interest the child. He was able to find the key to a child's heart, the classes helped my son become more diligent and focused. I wish your School prosperity and many new talented students !!!
guitar lessons for children
Victoria Glukhova
Volodya's mother
An excellent school with a flexible schedule and a personalized approach. You can also note the ability to track your own progress.
school with a flexible schedule
Sergey Rogoza
Very nice studio. There is the necessary equipment for training. Individual lessons and approach. Effective methodology, professional teachers. Good location, minibuses and trolleybuses are constantly running.
effective methodology, professional teachers
Alexander Slobodyanyuk