Progressive course on electric guitar - Virtuoso

 guitar lessons

The course is designed for:

Frequency of classes Course duration Price
2 times a week (45 minutes) 3 months $299

Payment options and regularity of classes:

Frequency of classes Number of lessons per month Price
Once a week 4 lessons $55
Two times per week 8 lessons $103
3 times a week 12 lessons $153
* by lesson 1 lesson $15



The amazing electric guitar playing by world legends bewitches and pushes you to repeat, but ... somehow it doesn't work out that way. Either the instrument is not the right one, or your playing skill is not perfect yet and it is still so far to a high level. There is only one way out - study, study and study again. We offer you progressive electric guitar training designed for experienced musicians looking to perfect their technique.

Playing the electric guitar, or rather its virtuoso performance consists not only in the mastery of the instrument but also in the knowledge of professional secrets and many hours of regular work to hone your technique. And so that training and work are not wasted, there should be an experienced teacher nearby, who will note the strengths and weaknesses, emphasize what else needs to be paid attention to, and what is fundamentally wrong.

The Progressive Electric Guitar Course "Virtuoso" is designed for 6 months of regular lessons 2 times a week for 45 minutes. The class schedule is individual, compiled following the student's schedule. Lessons are held from Monday to Sunday from 8:15 to 20:35. There is no age limit for our students. If you are from 7 to 70 years old, and you have a great desire to learn to play the guitar masterly, then come to us.

Our teachers, people who have dedicated their lives to music, will test your theoretical and practical knowledge and skills, and, following these indicators, will select an individual training system for you. Also, learning to play the guitar is selected according to the style that you like and which you want to perform.

The Serenada guitar school will help you to plunge into the world of music, to feel its power and freedom. You can see the skills of our students and feel the atmosphere of the lessons by watching the videos.