Basic course of playing the electric guitar - Rock Star

 Basic course on playing electric guitar

The course is designed for:

Frequency of classes Course duration Price
2 times a week (45 minutes) 3 months $299

Payment options and regularity of classes:

Frequency of classes Number of lessons per month Price
Once a week 4 lessons $55
Two times per week 8 lessons $103
3 times a week 12 lessons $153
* by lesson 1 lesson $15



The virtuoso playing of the electric guitar is the art of true rockers, which fascinates and captivates, and the electric guitar itself is a symbol of rock culture, a symbol of freedom in life and work. Electric guitar lessons are needed both for beginners - novice guitarists to learn the basics of using the instrument and for experienced self-taught ones - to develop and improve their technique. If you want to play the works of your favorite musicians, world rock stars, or skillfully perform your own improvisations, you certainly need to learn how to play the guitar from professional teachers - masters of the guitar art.

The basic course of playing the electric guitar in our school is designed for 3 months of regular intensive lessons 2 times a week. The schedule of lessons is compiled individually, at a time convenient for you from 8:15 to 20:35, from Monday to Sunday. The program and workload of the classes completely depend on the level of proficiency in the instrument, on the goals and priorities of the student, and necessarily include the study of riffs and solos, the basics of theory and improvisation, practical exercises for mastering all kinds of techniques, etc.

Electric guitar training is conducted by our highly professional teachers, for whom music and electric guitar are the meaning of life, so they will certainly share their skills and love for the art of music with you. But the basis for success directly depends on your desire and desire to comprehend the instrument, on the harmonious development of musical taste and culture. We can say with confidence that we will do everything possible from us so that your love and passion for electric guitar and music does not end with the end of the courses, but more and more developed and improved.

You can feel the atmosphere of our lessons and see the skill of novice rock stars - students of the Serenada guitar school in the video clips.