Why Serenada Guitar School?

We, a progressive guitar school in Kyiv , offer  guitar training for children and adults . We also bring to your attention the main advantages of learning to play the guitar in our school. Why is it worth learning to play the guitar at our school?


The advantages of our school as a training center:


1. Guitar school in Kyiv. We are the first qualified guitar school in Ukraine, which teaches playing the guitar  pieces of various styles: classical, flamenco, rock, jazz, country, blues, accompaniment; finger style of playing the guitar (finger style), etc. Learning to play the classical guitar and electric guitar.

2. Individual guitar lessons . We teach guitar lessons individually to maximize the potential of the student. Nobody will know about your personal learning process and temporary results. You will only know about this yourself and work hand in hand with the teacher over your success. People around you, friends and family will see only the end result of your diligence - the perfect performance of songs and compositions on the guitar. 

3. Practical training . The emphasis in our school is on practical training. Theoretical information is given in a metered manner, when most of the time we teach how to play the guitar. An increased emphasis on practical training gives a quick and effective result in the development of the student.

4. Variety of subscriptions . We offer a full variety of guitar passes and frequency options. Our guitar courses are designed for children and adults with different backgrounds and guitar playing experiences. The guitar courses are so loyal that you can study permanently in our school, at home or in the office when the teacher leaves for you, order guitar lessons via Skype from another city.


A clear algorithm for successful learning:


1. Qualified teachers . The Guitar school Serenada work some of the best teachers. We carefully select our roster for several requirements. And the three most important of them are: higher education in the guitar class, pedagogical education, long teaching experience.

2. Training program.  A competent program for teaching guitar by sheet music with a modern approach and facilitating the teaching material. Author's technique " Guitar for beginners ". Time-tested effectiveness. For more than 7 years, we have trained hundreds of students under this program.

3. Practical application. In our school, we offer students video recording of guitar playing. With the help of which you have an enchanting opportunity not only to apply theory in practice, but also to speak on camera for the public. This invaluable experience simply implants your acquired guitar playing skills into real life.

Serenada Studio conducts concerts and video recording of students playing guitar. It is very useful for a guitarist of any level of guitar playing to see himself from the outside, and most importantly, to learn how to speak freely in front of an audience. In this vein, guitar lessons in Kiev help the student to see his growth, to carry out conscious work on mistakes, which makes him more progressive and self-confident.

4. Seasonal concerts. Our guitar school holds seasonal concerts where school students perform, playing their favorite songs and compositions on the guitar. In a cozy circle of family and friends, newly minted guitarists are liberated and gain confidence in playing the guitar. And they also begin to understand the significance of their work.


Additionally, what the school offers:


1. Equipment . The school is equipped with all the necessary tools for teaching. If you live far away, or are traveling from work, then you do not need to take a guitar with you.

2. Flexible hours . We will select a schedule convenient for you. School hours are from 8: 15-20: 35, Mon-Sun, 4 seasons.

3. Replacing the teacher. You always have the opportunity to try to work with several teachers of the school and choose the one that suits you. 

4. Freezing of subscriptions. Guitar courses are designed for 3-6 months, and each course has the option of freezing the subscription from 2-4 weeks, depending on the subscription.