Online Guitar Lessons - Skype or Zoom

Guitar courses online

The course is designed for:

Frequency of classes Course duration Price
2 times a week (45 minutes) 3 months 360 $

Payment options and regularity of classes:

Frequency of classes Number of lessons per month Price
Once a week 4 lessons 68 $
Two times per week 8 lessons 120 $
3 times a week 12 lessons 180 $
* by lesson 1 lesson 19 $



The course guitar lessons on Skype are provided for those students who are outside the capital of Ukraine and cannot come to classes. However, with a great desire to work with professional teachers in a reputable school, distance learning is possible. It is the Serenada guitar school that provides such an opportunity.

Also, if you are already studying at our school and hastily leave for another city, we can conduct classes with you via Skype before arrival.

Map of Online Lessons

We select the schedule of classes individually for your requirements. The course is designed for three months of study, where classes are held twice a week. Days and times of the guitar lessons from Monday to Sunday, 8: 15-20: 35.

Guitar lessons on Skype are a step forward and freedom of the 21st century. Many successful people are already taking advantage of distance learning opportunities. Now you can decide too. Sign up for your first guitar lesson via Skype and we will make your dream come true.

The stationary guitar learning format is a classic learning option. Direct contact with a guitar teacher is by far the best learning option. However, skype guitar lessons also have many advantages:

  • You have the opportunity to study with a qualified teacher outside of your city.
  • Convenient working hours of the studio - you will be able to choose the most suitable time for classes.
  • Even if business trips or vacations are shining for you in the next six months, you can start classes now - this subscription allows you to continue learning to play the guitar via Skype during your departure


Cajita De Musica - Bartolome Calatuyud
- student of Vova Hlukhov (Skype)