As a mother, one of the students, I want to first of all thank the teacher and founder of the Serenade school Sergei Glushchenko for the warmth and ability to interest the child. He was able to find the key to a child's heart, the classes helped my son become more diligent and focused. I wish your School prosperity and many new talented students !!!

Victoria Glukhova
Volodya's Mother
“When I first came to SERENADA guitar school, I was, frankly, afraid, because I had a lot of new things ahead of me. A new world opened up before me. Each new lesson, a new composition studied, a section passed with a seemingly incredibly difficult "method", filled me with new emotions and feelings. Thanks to the ability to play the guitar, I have received and continue to receive many new emotions, I meet interesting people. Needless to say, it's just cool! =) I am grateful to the staff of the SERENADA guitar school, for the fact that they have made a huge contribution to the formation of me as a creative person. Master the guitar and embark on a very interesting and endless creative path!”

Oleksandr Slobodyanyuk
"Before getting to the guitar school Serenada made several attempts to take private lessons, study in a group of 4 people - nothing. It feels like if you do not progress in learning - this is rather your problem, and then the teacher, about commercial interest in you as a client and so everything is clear. I was just looking for a person who can teach, my logic was simple - only an already held school with events and results and only a knowledgeable master teacher. For some reason, immediately, first on the site, and then, having met at a trial lesson, I realized that my school is SERENADA. At first it was even somehow embarrassing that all your movements with the instrument were in the zone of close attention, all exercises were chosen specifically for you, your difficult moments were clearly indicated, and most importantly , AT EACH LESSON there is a teacher's confidence in you as an accomplished guitarist. ONLY HERE is the question of the result - a question of the amount of your personal zeal and time. The resources they have paid are justifiable, and at this school I have never regretted the money spent. Personally, I am very impressed by the fact that, along with music, a certain portal opens in your life, where YOUR forgotten INTENTION-DREAM to lift up the creative potential, stir up the unknown layer of your nature, FINALLY PULSES AND DRAGS YOU FAR, FAR FORWARD from the point from which you started. Therefore, you have to appreciate and love, and be more proud of yourself, and most importantly, recharge yourself for something new, which I have never tried."

"A good school, good teachers with an individual approach, a really flexible schedule! After a year of classes there, my level has increased several times and continues to grow, in general, to everyone who wants to learn to play the guitar well and quickly and plunge into musical theory, I highly recommend this school ! You will not regret!"

Alexander Yazinin
“After a month of attending the courses, I knew how to hold the guitar correctly, what the position of the hands should be and even knew how to play simple melodies on 2 strings. Gradually I covered all the strings, the tempo and complexity of the pieces increased. During the entire period of study I had 4 teachers, and everyone had their own approach to teaching. However, they all showed enough attention, immediately found solutions to correct problem areas in my game and discovered the subtleties and secrets of professional play. The theory and skills that I learned at the "Serenada" school help me develop and enjoy playing the guitar. I am very grateful to the team at Serenada and recommend these courses to everyone."

Bogdan Kovalchuk
"Great studio, good teachers with an individual approach to each student, customizable attendance schedule. Results are visible very quickly. If you really want to learn how to play the guitar, then this is what you need!"

Oleg Myasnikov

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