About Serenada Guitar School

"Living without music is like breathing without air"

Pashkovsky B.

Music permeates our lives with an easy and effortless step, like the notorious red thread. It arouses our appetite for life, encourages everything good and beautiful. Music can convey our emotional experiences and moods much more expressively than simple words. Perhaps that is why people who know how to play musical instruments are more spiritually developed individuals.

Serenada Guitar School extends a helping hand and invites everyone to join the world of music. We will teach you to play the guitar and discover something new in yourself, previously unknown. We conduct professional guitar lessons in Kiev for everyone, regardless of level of training and age or other unexpected features.

Learning to play the guitar under the sensitive guidance of an experienced teacher is a very valuable and important period of development. To properly learn to play the guitar, use a wide arsenal of guitar wisdom, reproduce the subtlety of musical nuances, you will need qualified recommendations from a guitar teacher with training experience.

In 2011, the Serenada Guitar School was born with a love for children and adults. We treat each student with awe, conducting classes as interesting and active as possible. During our work, we are grateful to each student for their trust in our school and for working with our guitar teachers. Competently planned classes, a unique technique "Guitar for beginners", experienced teachers who present teaching material in an accessible form and as a result - the skill and mastery of our students, watch the video of how students play guitar school Serenada.

Individual guitar lessons, a competent composition of music theory and practical tasks on playing the guitar - this is your key to successful guitar study at the Serenada Guitar School. Come to us and see for yourself that music is an eternal art, and the guitar is the best instrument to realize it and make a faithful friend for centuries.


Sincerely, the founders of the school

Hlushchenko Serhii & Hlushchenko Alexandra