Guitar lessons for children and adults


The culture of the spirit is not in the knowledge of formulas and achieved results. Even the average student of high schools knows more about the laws of nature than the guru of science and its discoverers. But never in his life would he think of such a turn of thought as that of Newton, Mozart, Amosov ... For they first brought up their souls.


Guitar lessons for children and adults strengthen the spirit and expand the worldview. We enjoy playing the guitar and enchant those around us with our sound. With the guitar, we look more attractive and confident. With the guitar we are the soul of the company at any event.

The best moment in life is when we learn something new and feel a keen interest in it. We are illuminated and inspired. We have a lot of questions to which we would like to find answers. And the guitar teacher helps us with this. At our school, guitar lessons are the time where you are always helped and welcome.

Those who first wanted to learn to play the guitar sometimes don't even know where to start. And after thinking a little, they ask quite deliberate questions such as, for example:

  • how to tune a guitar
  • how to properly hold the guitar and place your hands
  • how to play the rhythm correctly
  • how to read sheet music
  • how to develop the speed of execution

In our guitar lessons you save your time and energy, i.e. half your life, and start playing from the first lessons. Our school has created a special training program that allows you to acquire long-term guitar playing skills. And this invaluable skill will stay with you for life. You can always play the guitar.

We are confident that our guitar lessons for kids and adults will be a great experience for you. Call. And we will answer all your questions, sign up for the first lesson, draw up a convenient schedule of visits. Come to us.