Serhii Hlushchenko - Co-Owner / Senior Guitar Tutor


The founder of the Serenada Guitar School/Guitar Teacher



(2001-2006) Serhii Hlushchenko began his first steps in learning to play the guitar at the School of Stefan Turchak, with the excellent guitar teacher Yaroslav Savchuk.

(2006-2009) was studying the guitar at the National Pedagogical Dragomanov University, teacher Kostyantyn Chechenya. Received a higher pedagogical musical education.

Guitar Teaching

(2009) taught guitar lessons at the international charitable organization Music Camp International. He used the modern American method of group teaching to play the guitar. In total, he taught 80 schoolchildren in several groups.

(2009-2011) taught at the MaestroStudio guitar studio.

(2011) founded Serenada Guitar School teaches classical guitar and electric guitar. The author of the progressive methodology "Guitar for Beginners" from the Serenada Guitar School. He prefers to teach guitar playing with an individual approach for people of all ages and at all levels of guitar playing. From Serhii Hlushchenko: "It is important to choose the right individual key, to reveal the skill and ignite."


Creativity, additional merit

(2006-2009) at the university, he created a rock group called Slavyansky Ustriy, which performed at various festivals and concerts. Under the direction of Serhii Hlushchenko, the rock band won the Grand Prix at the Slavic Rock festivals. During this golden time of student life, Serhii Hlushchenko played the guitar in many Kyiv musical groups.

(2012 - 2020) was awarded the title of "Honorary Member of the Guitarists Association".



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