Lesya Igitskaya - Classical and Acoustic Guitar Teacher

Classical Guitar Teacher

She was born in 1980, in the city of Khust, Transcarpathian region.


  • 1995 graduated from music school, guitar class.
  • 1999 She graduated from secondary specialized education, Uzhgorod Musical College named D. E. Zadora.
  • 2002 Rivne Institute of Culture, Department of pop music. Classical, electric guitar, and bass guitar. Received a higher education.

2017-2018 cooperation with the school in the theater orchestra (bass guitar)

Guitar Teaching

  • After graduating from the college of music, 15 years worked as a guitar teacher at the state music school in Khust. More than 100 students were trained in Lesya's class. Pupils took part in competitions and concerts. Two of the students continued their studies at the College of Music.
  • 2018 - 2021 guitar teacher at the Montessori Center
  • 2021 Guitar teacher at the Serenada Guitar School