Egor Daviskiba - Tutor of Classical / Western guitar

 Classical guitar teacher of the  highest category


(2012-2017) music school in Stakhanov

(2013-2017) studied guitar and graduated from the Rostov College of Arts, class of classical guitar.

Guitar teacher

(2014) since that time Egor Daviskiba has been teaching guitar to children and adults, became a private guitar teacher and tutor.

“In the process of learning, I try to reveal as much as possible the secrets of mastering playing the instrument, both physical aspects (correct placement of hands and fingers, correct sensations in these parts of the body) and mental (desirable relaxation of the mind during the game, correct breathing (diaphragmatic), sharpened attention , development of creative thinking). In communication, he is sincere, simple, benevolent. I do not accept excessive formality, dogmatism, ageism. Aimed at pragmatism. "

(2019) guitar teacher at Serenada Guitar School


Creativity, additional merit

(2013-2017) laureate of the All-Ukrainian and All-Russian competitions in classical guitar.

(2014) more than 5 years of experience in public speaking, performances in restaurants, cafes, bars, clubs. Likes to write his own music, records albums.