Guitar lessons and courses online

Distance learning by playing the guitar

Do you dream of playing guitar? But certain obstacles always interfere - there is not enough time, a rather busy schedule, other hobbies, or a high-quality school is not very conveniently located. And we are convinced that there will always be opportunities and necessary tools for a real dream and desire to develop.

In order to support all those captured by the six string instrument, we made learning more accessible and effective and created an online guitar lesson curriculum. Today, learning online is possible for everything - cooking, business, embroidery, dancing. And there should be no exception for the guitar. Online guitar courses are gaining more and more fans. Perhaps it is now and your time to join us!

Guitar teachers

Even while learning to play the guitar remotely, you get a personal approach and a personal teacher who will monitor your progress, support and work with you for a better result. All our teachers have higher education in guitar and pedagogical education, as well as teaching experience of 10 years or more. Online guitar lessons take place in Skype and Zoom, teachers can watch the game, adjust your technique and you will see them. In some cases, the physical presence of the teacher is also important in order to correct the technique. To do this, you can sometimes take an individual lesson offline, and take the course itself in a distance version.

Our teachers combine theory and practice in an easy and fun way. The course begins with information about the guitar part, string names, tuning basics, and technique. You will learn how to properly care for your instrument. We dive into topics such as scales, triads, power chords, fingering, and learning notes on the fretboard. And of course, we enjoy practice and play under the attentive and watchful eye of the teacher, who will promptly point out the possibilities for improvement.

a man with a guitar

Author's method of teaching guitar playing

The original methodology of teaching Serenada Guitar School guarantees students a quick and high-quality result. We offer timed guitar courses. We develop the necessary guitar skills, which, after completing the courses, students can develop without our help and only come back to us with certain important questions. We work with different requests of students, some study programs step by step, others make a specific request - to study composition or work with a separate direction. Our teachers are ready to work exactly with your request.

Our school is a community of true guitar fans. Although in online classes you will not have the opportunity to constantly communicate with other students, we will involve you in the offline events of the school, where you can find friends of interest and communicate with them in the future. We hope that you will support each other's development, and perhaps even create joint musical projects.

guitar lessons online

We believe that anyone can learn to play the guitar. We develop guitar training programs according to the level of the student - from beginners to advanced players, for children and adults. Beginners mostly learn to play the acoustic guitar, but after gaining experience they often switch to the electric guitar. For younger and very active children, the online format may not be very appropriate, it is worth starting with offline classes so that they get used to it. Online guitar lessons together at Serenada Guitar School are available for everyone, without exception. Your dream is near and we will help you make it come true!