The Parts of the Electric Guitar - What Everyone Should Know

Parts of the Electric Guitar

In our world, everything develops, moves forward, everything and everything around strives for novelty, practicality, and ease of perception. Old tendencies are replaced by new, new by old, an eternal spiral of being. This fate was not spared and in the music industry. When the live performances of guitarists began, it became clear to everyone that the guitar is an instrument that implies a cultural approach to listening. For a guitar, the room should be as acoustically matched as possible in order to maximize the potential of the instrument. Without touching on the historical moments of the development of mankind, we can say that not so much time has passed for the guitar to switch from chamber listening to a full-fledged full-length concert with kilowatts of sound. So, today's article is about the electric guitar, or rather about its structure and parts of the electric guitar.

For example, we'll take the Fender Stratocaster to look at the construction of an electric guitar. Guitars can differ in shape and a number of certain technical characteristics, but the general principle is the same for everyone.

Step 1 - Two Parts

As with the structure of a classical guitar, I highly recommend dividing the electric guitar into two parts for easy perception. Below is the picture, the left side is the body, the right neck.

body and neck of an electric guitar

Step 2 - The Body

Now let's take a closer look at what the body of an electric guitar consists of.

electric guitar body

Electric Guitar Body:

  1. The Body
  2. Strap Button
  3. Guitar Bridge and Bridge Saddles
  4. Input Jack
  5. Volume and Tone Controls
  6. Pickup Selector Switch
  7. Tremolo (Whammy Bar)
  8. Pickguard
  9. Pickups

We can see that the electric guitar has more body parts than the classical guitar. The main difference is that pickups from them are added to electric guitars and there is a branching of wires that we do not see to different switches and regulators.

Step 3 - The Neck

 We continue to study the parts of the electric guitar, it's the neck's turn.

electric guitar neck

The Neck:

  1. Fret Markers
  2. Frets
  3. Fret Wire
  4. Nut
  5. Tuner Pegs
  6. Headstock
  7. Truss Adjustment
  8. String Retainer

So we already know step by step how to build an electric guitar. Even with such a short online acquaintance with this instrument, we can say that the development of the electric guitar took place rapidly. After all, each electric guitar still needs at least a combo amplifier where it should be connected, but that's a completely different story.

Every little detail is the many experiments of many musicians with guitar masters. The last thing I want to say is that knowing the parts of an electric guitar is much more pleasant, he will explain himself with a guitar master, because it is always pleasant to deal with an informed person.

I wish you all creative inspiration.