What guitar accessories do beginner guitarists need?

Atmosphere and Сomfort

In the modern world, there are many professions, the study and success of which depends on the right approach to business. So, on the path of a novice guitarist, accessories of an auxiliary nature should be available. Accessories that make learning the instrument easier, tuning it, ensuring the correct fit and comfort of the guitar, as well as careful storage of the guitar. In addition, such accessories can be the final element of a guitarist's fashionable image.

It is important in good order to choose accessories to help the guitarist feel as comfortable and confident as possible, start playing the guitar without compulsion and with pleasure. Don't neglect this, it's just as important as a cozy atmosphere and a comfortable desk. Next, consider a list of common accessories for guitarists.



1. Guitar Footstool - Footrest

This uncomplicated interior object in appearance seems useless. We ask ourselves and what is so special about this guitar footstool, footrest? You can just lean on a chair and play yourself.

From personal experience, when I started learning to play the guitar, it was quite a performance! The hands were not yet held and the fingers were not yet standing properly. I was looking for the most comfortable position to somehow help myself play the home exercise. At first, I tried to sit on the couch, shifting the guitar several times under my arm. I sat, played, got tired, my back and arms hurt. Then she tried to sit on a chair, but the guitar slipped from her knees to the floor.

Fashion magazines taught me to cross my legs, and I certainly decided to sit that way, feeling super attractive and it didn’t matter at all that I couldn’t even play three notes, and my legs were wildly numb from such a position. Then I tried to go back to the origins of the correct fit and put something under my left leg to take the classical position of the guitarist. It could be either a stack of books or Mom's blue basin from the bath. More convenient, but still not the same. As a result, attention is lost, the desire is gone, it's time to go to bed.

Dear aspiring guitarists, don't waste your precious time on nonsense. This is very entertaining and interesting, but it steals our time, which we could put to good use. The most comfortable position for playing the guitar is classical with a footrest. The tool is steady in hands and is convenient in use.



2. Sheet Music Stand

A very simple device that makes life a lot easier for a musician. Where will we put the sheet of music paper when we are going to learn a piece? On the table? On the sofa, On the floor? Tape it on the door? All this is very cumbersome and not practical. For these purposes for musicians were invented, a stand. Which is called a music stand. Even schoolchildren use the vertical stand for the primer to make it convenient to read.

It is very convenient to put notes on a music stand, and a pencil, tuner, or electronic metronome on the bottom shelf. Everything you need to learn to play the guitar in sight and at your fingertips. Attention is extremely focused on the main thing. We just learn and play the guitar.


3. Guitar Tuner and Metronome

These gadgets can be classified as indispensable. Learning to play the guitar without a metronome, developing your sense of rhythm is possible and necessary. And you can learn this at our Serenada Guitar School. But it is difficult to tune the guitar correctly. You can't do without a tuner. You can buy the simplest tuner with a metronome, or install an application on your mobile phone.

The first option is, of course, more convenient to use. When you are playing the guitar, we strongly recommend that you put your phone on silent mode or put it away so that it does not distract you with calls and various notifications. It is worth giving preference to a special independent device - a tuner with a metronome. Its meters accurately respond to sound and give fine-tuning.



4. Guitar Gig Bag or Guitar Case

Be modern and mobile! Many people buy a guitar in a box, thinking that it will lie at home all its life. Does it? We, beginners, need to think about the purpose of the ideal purchase. To learn how to play the guitar, you need not only to study with a guitar teacher but also to constantly play. Play the guitar everywhere and always, demonstrate your skills to the world around you. This is your inspiration and development in playing the guitar - this is the true and original purpose of such an invaluable purchase and contribution to the foreseeable future. Even at the initial stage of learning to play the guitar, the case is indispensable. You will need to learn how to tune the guitar and change the strings. The guitar teacher will teach you everything, but you have to bring it.

The guitar is priceless to us. It is not only our warm friend but also an expensive instrument. After all, a guitar is bought not for one day, but a lifetime. It must be carefully protected and for proper transportation of the instrument, you can purchase a guitar gig bag or a guitar case. Guitar gig bags are characterized by different privileges in terms of temperature storage, soft inserts, etc. The choice for every taste and desire. In our opinion, the guitar case is less convenient for transporting the guitar due to its weight, but it is reliable from physical damage and we recommend it for transporting very expensive guitars.



5. Guitar Stand

An optional, but a no less useful accessory. The fact is that the guitar should be constantly in a conspicuous place, and not a guitar gig bag or guitar case. This contributes to more frequent use and regular guitar lessons. You can put it on a special guitar stand or hang it on the wall on special slingshots.

Let's conclude

Of course, the list could go on with things like a guitar humidifier, a guitar peg winder, tongs and string conditioners, fretboard cleansers, and so on. But to get started, the five most important accessories are enough. A complete list of accessories is formed individually. But more on that later.

Here is such a simple and at the same time necessary list of the five essential accessories for beginner guitarists. A footrest, a music stand, a tuner, a metronome, a guitar gig case or guitar case, a guitar stand - this is quite enough for a comfortable, easy, and quick learning to play the guitar. At Serenada Guitar School you will quickly learn how to play the guitar and do it with pleasure.