Three Magical Stages of Learning Guitar

The key to success is in a desire. This is what I have

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Learning to play the guitar is like a revelation between student and teacher. The result also depends on how the education begins.

The main point of Serenada Guitar School is to care about students' wishes and inspiration to play guitar at first. It is known that on the way to a great goal, you can meet many obstacles to the extinction of enthusiasm. And here, at the beginning of the path, it is very important to make the right choice of an educational institution and teacher.

To explain the algorithm of how to learn to play the guitar, it is enough to single out just a couple of actions - desire, activity, result. It seems that everything is simple, but how much research has been carried out and works written with the conclusions of teachers, psychologists, and musicians about this.

A Wish

This delicate spirit and matter are very easy to deal with if you clearly understand how it arises. Clever parents, develop an interest and desire to learn music, parents with their children easily and naturally listen to music, sing songs, and dance. You can show videos of other children playing the guitar and going to concerts. And mom and dad often play the guitar themselves for their children. Seeing the example of their parents, children themselves begin to ask for a guitar.


The desire that has arisen should be reinforced by the powerful and skillful support of the guitar teacher. You always have to work hard to achieve anything - no sweet without some sweat. Lessons should be systematic, the education part is proportionate and consistent. The main thing is to start correctly so that desire burns up in the learning process, and does not weaken away in deep disappointment. Children and adults, enjoying their favorite activity, learn more easily and learn more.


In fact, to achieve the result, you need to go a decent way from the emergence of desire and working out lessons with a teacher. And this path should be of the highest quality. Then the result will be fast, swift, pleasant, and expected. At Serenada Guitar School, we record videos of our students playing guitar and making concerts. For a pleasant pastime and comfort in learning to play the guitar, this is the result for yourself and those around you.

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All three ingredients for guitar playing success are consistent and interdependent. It is impossible to neglect any of them. This is an axiom that lives in our cozy Serenada Guitar School every day.