Guitar Chords for Beginner Guitarists

Guitar for beginners

The guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments among all age groups. You can play a pleasant melody, a piece of classical music, a fiery flamenco composition, or an accompaniment to your favorite song on the guitar. The guitar is just an indispensable instrument for accompaniment. Basically, it is the best instrument you can ever imagine.

Let's list the guitar benefits:

  1. Dimensions - you can take the guitar anywhere
  2. Range - the guitar range is almost four octaves, which provides maximum interaction with the voice
  3. Easy to learn - you can master the basic chords right away

With these virtues, the guitar has taken over the world and has become one of the most popular instruments both for amateurs and professional musicians.

If you've just bought a guitar and want to try your hand at learning to play the guitar on your own, this article will be useful to you. We will talk about basic chords in today's article. This will be a guitar lesson with some tips.

Basic chords

Basic chords are first position chords that will allow you to play a simple accompaniment. These chords are easy to understand and learn, you just need to know how to read chord shapes (diagrams) and a bit of practice.

Learn about how to read chord shapes here.

Basic chord shapes

I've arranged the chord shapes by day.

 - Why did I do that?

 - So that you can try new chords every day. We will kindle an interest in learning in this way.

 It is a very challenging task to ignite interest. If you play one chord for a whole week, you may quickly become bored with this activity. With my method, your fingers will get a new experience every day, and you will be happy with new achievements. When you go through all the days and start again from day one, you will notice how much better you play the chords of the first training day.

Basic Chords Day 1

chords for beginners

Basic Chords Day 2

chords for beginners

Basic Chords Day 3

chords for beginners

Basic Chords Day 4

chords for beginners

Basic Chords Day 5

chords for beginners

With these ten chords, you can play any harmonic progressions from the most popular songs you come across on the Internet. These chords sound very nice. Some are open and some need to be pressed down, but they are still considered as simple basic chords.

chords for beginners

Chord playing practice

The chords should be practiced carefully. Pay attention to the numbers on chord shapes. This is the left-hand fingering, and it is very important to follow it. Don't rush with the changes, first locally master each chord until it becomes automatic. Try to press down each sound slowly, play each string from the first to the sixth, and make sure that every pressed down string sounds as good as the open one. Only after that can you move on to the next chord.

 Your fingertips may hurt at first. If you feel pain, it is better to take a break for a day or two, which depends on the individual case, and then go back to practicing the chords.

 When you become confident, try pressing down the chords without looking at the fingerboard. This is a very useful practice. It will help you get a better feel of the instrument and gain more confidence when playing chords.


This lesson from Sergey Gluschenko is primarily for guitar beginners and for those who want to learn how to play the guitar on their own. But be careful, because you may not notice gross errors. Just listen to your body, and you will feel it.  I will always recommend: if you can't do something, it's better to go to a specialist because it's much harder to retrain later.  I wish you further creative success and new guitar achievements.